Find out more about the benefits of A Better Plan, and how it can help improve your life and the lives of those around you

Create a plan and share

Create a plan

Once you've been able to reflect and monitor, act and create a plan. Work out who can help and share your plan.

Understanding my health

Understand your health

A Better Plan helps you identify what is working in your life and what needs to be different. See the big picture and work out what you need to change for the better?

Track and manage your progress

Track and manage your progress

Keep monitoring how you do over time and review your progress. Then improve your plan. Share with health professionals too.

Desktop, tablet and mobile view of A Better Plan

About A Better Plan

A Better Plan is an application which allows people to create and share their own personal care plans.

A Better Plan has been developed by Digital Life Sciences through Year Zero, one of the four projects in the dallas programme supported by the Technology Strategy Board and Department of Business, Innovations and Skills.

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Your current situation

Reflect on where you are now and think about where you would like to be in the future.

A Better Plan encourages you to think about your current situation, develop a better understanding of your general health, any issues you may have, and the medications that you take. Knowing what your priorities are and being better informed will help you take a more proactive role in the decisions regarding your health and general wellbeing, to help you gain the best long term outcome.

Logged-in homepage with detail of Conditions panel

Keep track of key information

Getting yourself better organised is at the heart of A Better Plan. It allows you to add and organise your health information and integrate health records from different sources so you can access your most up to date details, whenever you choose.

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Monitor and record measurement directly from a variety of devices

A Better Plan is much more than a convenient tool for organising, storing and retrieving your health details. It can read a range of plug-in, monitoring devices such as blood pressure and blood glucose monitors and pedometers. It will capture and keep a record of your measurements in both chart and table views to help you keep track of your health and wellbeing over time.

Logged-in homepage with detail of Conditions panel

Share information safely

Your personal care plan is completely confidential but you can choose to share part or all of it with others. You may, for example, want to show your GP the data you’ve been collecting, to help them evaluate your current treatment plan or have a family member access the list of your current medications so they can organise a repeat prescription for you.

Screenshot showing a comment, and actions panel

Create and review action plans

A Better Plan encourages you to set yourself goals and create action plans to help you achieve them.